• Safe: Shut-off automation and safety locking mechanism prevents undesired water leaking, e.g. when removing the pre-filter module
  • EasyClean pre-filter module: No need to remove the whole filter – the pre-filter module is simply taken out, rinsed out and reinserted
  • Practical: Vent button for effective water intake – for fast and easy start-up when installing and after cleaning
  • Optimal filtration: Fine 45 ppi pre-filter foam for optimal mechanical filtration of coarse debris and longer service life of the biological media
  • On request: Includes integrated HeatUp adjustable heater for BioMaster Thermo – it can also be retrofitted
  • Well-regulated: Flow control on the filter or via adapter set
  • Large filter volume: The combination of mechanical and highly-effective biological filtration through Hel-X ensures healthy and clear aquarium water
  • Economical: Quiet operation and energy saving pump without disturbing noises
CODE Biomaster Filter Thermo 600 W (filter+ Heater)  Capacity (l)  Capacity pre filter(l) Q(l/h) H Weight(Kg) Dimensios (mm)
AS42739 ΦΙΛΤΡΟ ΕΝΥΔΡΕΙΟΥ – BioMaster Thermo 600 22+300 6,8 0,6 1250 1,8 6,2 240x240x480